What about a crush?

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The best of homosex is not sex itself but the gentle feelings instead.
"Do you miss your boy friend?"
"No not at all, I didn't miss home yet."
"Does it feel right?"
"I don't know, I mean, for a girl in her twenties, what does she know?"
For them, a rich lady faced with divorce and a pretty girl who works in a shop, they don't have anything but they also have everything.

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you know the worst thing you do is disappear. I know you need time and space to rest , but I want you to tell me before you go.

But it is

I guessed you maybe went home or somewhere . you always  talk to me if you are in a good condition. but I still waited for you. last night I couldn't sleep then watched a drama till 3am. I won't tell you such silly things. but I hope I can remember. I don't sleep or can't sleep because I miss you. i wake up at midnight to see if you send messages to me.

So often I've been with people and shared beautiful moments,  like traveling or staying up all night and watching the sunrise

i want to go back home too. my mom told me that they are making dumplings together. with my aunts and my sister, sister in law and their children. suddenly I find the meaning of relatives, you can visit them at Saturday or Sunday and thus you won't feel lonely or boring. you can talk you can do something together.

And I knew those were special moments

Then I'm worried actually,  I don't have cousin to visit. I don't know.

But something was always wrong

a girl asked me about medicine of stomachache. I told her to have porridge and don't eat cold and spicy food. I know to take care of others. but I don't take care of myself. I'm still coughing but my lunch was spicy . it is really cold today and feel like I can be blowing up to sky hahaha.

I wished I'd been with someone else

I asked that again and you didn't answer again. if this time you go to Shanghai by yourself I won't forgive you really. last time you went to cut your hair by yourself while you say we can go together. last time you say you will come the other day at last you didn't come and didn't tell me. you say you want to show me a Korean style restaurant,  at last you didn't do. I remember all the things. you always say you never do . I should not believe you now. should not expect any thing .

I knew that what I was feeling exactly what was so important to me, they didn't understand

But I'm happy to be with you

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